Parker Payne at Lake Powell

Photos: @jparkerlindsey

Lake Powell is one of those dream riding destinations that should be on every surfer’s bucket list. With it being about 185 miles from end to end, odds are you can find a smooth place to ride that’s tucked in the beautiful red canyons that give it its signature look. Depending on where you are, you can ride for miles without seeing another boat and have some of the best water conditions imaginable. Not only does this lake allow for amazing riding, it provides a backdrop like no other which elevates photos and videos taken there to another level. Parker Payne recently took a trip out to Powell with his friends at XINSURANCE and came back with some awesome shots. Check them out below with a little excerpt from Parker!

"Simply put, Lake Powell is one of my favorite places on this planet! It feels more like being on Mars rather than Earth. Wakesurfing next to 500ft cliffs is certainly a crazy experience I recommend every wakesurfer should try. The deep blue water and orange sidewalls always makes for amazing pictures and videos. 

When I get a chance to go hang out with the XINSURANCE crew on Powell, I always say yes! Parker Lindsay and Elias Garcia always show me a good time when I visit.  When we are together, we are always dreaming up the next crazy video we can film. We spent a lot of time in Warm Creek this past trip. It allowed us to get these crazy shots with the large Lake Powell cliffs in the background. No other lake can provide this unique experience. I look forward to my next trip out!" -- Parker Payne

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