What's new for 2024?

Here at Phase 5, we’re always looking for ways to improve our boards so riders like you can get the most out of our products. Whether it’s a new design, new materials, or a new manufacturing technique, we’re constantly trying to break the mold year after year so you can stay stoked every time you go out for a ride on your Phase 5 board! Check out some of the newness that the 2024 line up has to offer below.

LTD Boards & Innegra base

LTD boards are back again for 2024 with the Hammerhead LTD, Diamond Turbo LTD, and MVP LTD. For the MVP, we’ve implemented a special LTD graphic if you’re looking to add a little color to your MVP. As for the Hammerhead and Diamond Turbo LTDs, both of those boards have been constructed using our ChromaCarbon layup that not only gives the top decks of the boards an awesome checkered look but drastically reduces the weight while also adding strength and durability. We took it a step further with a full carbon string through the middle of the board as well as our Innegra base for more speed on the water and even more strength. Check out the MVP, Hammerhead, and Diamond Turbo LTD’s now!

Hammerhead V3

Drew Danielo’s insanely popular Hammerhead board has undergone another redesign to make it the 3rd iteration of the board and since he loves it, we know you will as well! For 2024,, Drew decided to step in both the nose and the tail so the board is more nimble when turning which allows the rider to get even more aggressive with their riding. And since it’s been done on the tail as well as the nose, you know it’s going to perform just as well riding in revert as it will riding regular so it still lives up to its nickname, the “King of Revert”!

Fun Surf Style Line Up

We’ve added a new name for our “less serious”, bigger surf style boards known as the “Fun Surf Style'' line. This line includes our more cruisey models like the Kong, Zilla v2, and Kahuna.  We’ve also added a totally brand new board to this line that we’re calling the Zeevo. The Zeevo is a brand new mid size inspired shape that’s all about keeping it chill and taking less effort in order to stay in the wave. Built on a brand new rocker pattern, this board holds speed with ease so you can carve off into the sunset. Check out the full “Fun Surf Style” line HERE.

Nova V2 / SuperNova Foils

Our surf lines aren’t the only ones that got upgraded this year. Our foil line got some awesome updates as well with the inclusion of the Nova v2 and SuperNova foils. The Nova v2 is a great beginner foil set up that not only rides well but looks just as good as it rides. With plenty of speed, glide, and stability, it’s a great starter foil set up. It’s also been reimagined to be put together quicker and easier which is always a plus when it comes to your foil package. Along with that, we’ve added the SuperNova set up powered by GoFoil. This package can not only be ridden by beginners but advanced riders as well. Its wide front wing (GT2200) gives plenty of stability while also being a wing that you can pump for days on. The SuperNova set up is simple to put together, light, and made to take anything you throw at it.

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