P5 Phantom // Parker Payne Interview with Wakesurf Orlando

Our friends over at Wakesurf Orlando got together with Parker Payne to talk about his new P5 Phantom Pro Model. It is a worthy read as Parker goes behind the scenes about developing his board with Phase 5 and why he thinks you should go out to buy one today!

Here is an excerpt from the article:

What can you tell us about the development of your new pro model, the Phase 5 Phantom?

The Phase 5 Phantom represents my career. I wanted to use all of my knowledge gained from years of wakesurfing pro and numerous generations of board development to create something everyone can ride, a board that feels fun and alive beneath your feet, is priced right, offers top quality performance, and is still durable. The Phantom is designed to be a pro level board friendly to all levels of wakesurfers including beginners. And unlike the traditional $299 “welcome to wakesurfing” banana boards, you won’t develop the inherent bad habits that hinder the progression of your wakesurfing abilities. This board will accommodate any hobbyist who doesn’t compete but still wants to learn advanced level tricks but it can also take those with a competitive mindset to the top tier of wakesurfing.

Each wakesurf board I developed over the years was a series of small tweaks attempting to gain better handling, more speed, and larger airs. The Phantom is not a board designed from the ground up but rather the culmination of all the trials and tribulations faced from over six years of board development. Joining Phase 5 has given me the opportunity to work with a high-end production facility with access to CAD designers, 3D CNC routers, and professional glassers - you simply don’t find that level of in-house wakesurf board production anywhere else in the US. Phase 5 and I went through several prototypes to find the perfect synthesis of all those elements - that is the Phase 5 Phantom we are now releasing to the public, and I’m excited for everyone to get their hands on this model.

Click here to check out the full article!

Click here to check out the Phantom!

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Debbie Topalian

Debbie Topalian

October 29, 2020

Looking to sell a used Phase 5 Phantom board. Any recommendations about where to sell it?

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