Rider Profile: Sebastian Balland

Sebastian has been in the wakesurfing game for quite a while.  You can find him on his home lake, Lake Leman ( Lake Geneva, Switzerland). Sebastian has influenced and taught many surfers around the world. His go big style of riding and always a fun to watch. 

Age: 28 Years Old

Hometown:  JUVIGNY. Small village between Chamonix and Geneva (Swiss) 

Sponsors: Mastercraft Swiss and Phase 5

What Boards are you riding?  This year I am riding the Phantom 53 and Matrix53

Why wakesurfing?  After I dislocated my shoulder in wakeboarding I needed a sport without the rope. So I moved to wakesurfing and I fell in love with the sport and the community 

Most prized possession?  My wife and my baby boy 😃

If you are not wakesurfing? I am driving the boat and teaching wakesurfing in my school, Fitwake.

How do you stay healthy? I try to eat less meat and more vegan products. More easy when you are not a meat lover like me 🤣

What do you do in your off season?  I love skiing. So during the winter season I go up in the mountains for some slopes and freeride. Also I travel. It is so cool to discover parts of the worlds. 


Advice for new surfers?  Never forget to have fun. Try different models to find the one that you will love. 

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