Phase 5 Welcomes World Champ Maja Smietana

We are excited to announce the addition of Maja Smietana to our team of highly talented riders. Maja lives in Poland and can be found shredding the waters of Orava Lake about 110 Kilometers (about 62 miles) from her house. Maja just recently crowned the 2021 Women's Skim World Champion. We wanted to make everyone was familiar with Maja as we know you will hear more about her in the future.

Name: Maja Smietana

Age: 18

Where are you from: Poland, Krakow

Home Lake: Orava Lake (Slovakia) about 100 kilometers from my home city

Current Sponsors: Phase 5 Wakesurfers

What Board are you riding? Phase 5 MVP

Why Wakesurfing? I have practiced wakesurfing for 5years. Sport was always important manner in my life.  When I was 10 I started training Alpine skiing. I was skiing and training wakeboard at the same time.  In 2016 I became Polish Championship in wakeboard behind motorboat.   In 2015 my parents bought me a new motorboat and it was able to create waves for wakesurfing. We started watching videos and educating what wakesurfing is about, because it wasn’t known in Poland at all. I felt in love in wakesurifing form a first swimming.   In 2018 I participated in my first competitions CWSA in Milan. I met there riders from whole Europe and I saw all their tricks. I felt this incredible aura from this wakesurf community. That was that time I decided I am quitting other sports and I will concentrate on wakesurfing.

Most Prized Possession:

2019—I place European Chapmionship (Outlaw)

2019—IV place World Championship (Outlaw)

2020—I place European Championship (Pro)

2021—I place European Championship (Pro)

2021—I place World Championship (Pro)

Favorite Athlete:Jodi Grassman and Sean Silveira

Favorite Music:Music is an important thing in my life, I choose the type of music based on my mood that day. Recently I have been listening to Polish rap, that gives me boosts of energy to train better and harder.

Any other Careers? Currently I am in last year of High School and dream to become a psychologist. I am going to the University next year. I hope I will able to combine my passion and school

Tell us about your experience winning the 2021 World Wakesurf Championships? I couldn’t believe at first. I felt such a boost of emotions and it for sure gave me alot of motivation to work harder and be even better next season. I felt really proud, because I knew I have achieved it by working hard and putting wakesurfing always as my priority.

Social Connections:



How do you stay healthy? Most important is finding a balance. Everyone once a while deserves a treat so I don’t believe in quitting sweets totally. I also believe that healthy body needs healthy mind, so I try to take a break from technology once for a while.

Favorite Workout? Cardio! It not only helps me with keeping my body in shape but also it helps me get rid of my negative energy. 

Tips to a rider who just bought there first Phase 5?It was for sure the best choice, you could make. This board it designed in way that it will help you improve your skills. This board is not only for professionals but also for beginners and everyone will fall in love in it. Remember the more you train the better you become.


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