Welcome to the Team Frankie Schifano

Frankie is a new face in the game of wakesurfing. Don't let that fool you though, Frankie is a very talented and accomplished board rider. From ocean to surfing to the Flow rider Frankie has proven himself. And after seeing him wakesurf he is not done yet.

Name:  Frankie Schifano
Age: 15
Where are you from: Winter Garden, Florida
Home Lake: Clermont chain
Current Sponsors:  Phase 5 Wakesurfers, Superdupersurf , Flowrider, Levko Surf and Crowd Control.
What Board are you riding? 2022 Phase 5 Key 52

Why Wakesurfing:  It just feels right. It all started with ocean surfing at age 7 by 11 I achieved multiple championships, by 12 I was traveling around competing in USA surfing. On my down time back in Florida, while waiting for a swell I found a Flowrider close to my house, it is a consistent wave that you can throw so many different tricks on, the guys that run it became my best homies they pushed me to compete for a Flowrider title ,this summer I just won my first title for 2021 Jr. flow board National champion.

I remember surfing behind a boat for the first time it was magic, a wave that was like an ocean wave but consistent and perfect every time.  It became my new love, I put all my ocean surfing skills and flowriding skills together to throw tricks behind the boat, it just feels natural to me.  I am looking forward to the 2022 contest season I plan to do as many contest as I can.  The wake surf community has such a positive vibe, everyone I have met is super helpful and so nice Im excited to be apart of it.

Most Prized Possession: My family and My friends I’m beyond blessed to have them.

Favorite Athlete: Kelly Slater,  I was lucky enough to surf with him, he is a super nice dude.

If you’re not Wakesurfing: I’m with my friends flowriding, ocean surfing, cable park , paint ball, one of the water parks or theme parks here ,oh and travel we travel a lot.

Any other Careers? I start dual Enrollment soon then plan to go on to dental school and ultimately be an Endodontist. I somehow always find time to travel, shred and maintain high honors.

How do you stay healthy? I have been a pescatarian since I was 10, I definitely think that keeps me healthy, even though I don’t do it for health, I do it because I love animals, but it’s definitely an added benefit.

Favorite Workout? MMA sesh, Brazilian jiu jitsu or boxing all my favorites.

Tips to a rider who just bought there first Phase 5?  Once you ride a phase 5 your riding progresses over night.  The minute I tried the phase five key  I did a 3 shuv for the first time ever in less than one hour.  The boards are magic! Once you ride one no other board will compare. Most of all have a blast shredding it up. Yewwww!!

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Debbie Berlan

Debbie Berlan

April 11, 2022

I’ve had the honor to witness this amazing young man’s talent on the Phase 5 Board. He’s incredible. The word “can’t “ doesn’t exist in his vocabulary. If it’s possible to be done he will do it and make Phase 5 Boards proud!

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