Rider Spotlight: Mo Hamoui

Last week, we introduced a new group of riders to the Phase 5 team. We wanted to take the time to make sure each rider gets introduced properly with a little interview to tell you what they're all about! First on the list is Mo Hamoui. Mo is a shredder in the Pacific northwest area who lives to be on the water. Read on to find out a bit about Mo and look out for more of him this season!

PHASE 5: What’s up, Mo? How’s the offseason treating you?
Mo: What's going on?! It’s been great overall! "Off season" is always a bit rough with the weather out here in the PNW but I've been grinding in my 5/4 wetsuit and making the best of it! If it's not snowing or raining, I'm surfing.

PHASE 5: What do you have planned for the 2024 season?
Mo:I have a ton of travel, content shoots, and new tricks planned for this season. Last year, I worked a lot on consistency and this year I am working on expanding my trick list and throwing down in the comps!

PHASE 5: So besides wakesurfing, what else are you into?
Mo:When I am not wake surfing, I am working for a tech company. I also love videography, fast cars, and everything to do with the lake & outdoors! Foiling, jet skiing, fishing and just enjoying life with the lake crew.

PHASE 5: What gets you hyped to ride?
Mo:When I look out of my windows and see nothing but glass…that always gets me hyped to ride! Also, surf days with the boys!

PHASE 5: What are some of your favorite memories of being out on the water?
Mo:All the summer sunset surf sessions! When it's warm out late in the day, the music and vibes are just right on the boat and everyone's surfing, it feels like a dream.

PHASE 5: What are a few of the tricks that you’re looking to dial in for 2024?
Mo: I really want to dial in a720 Big Spin and work on some switch tricks like the Hail Mary, Switch 5 Big, and a couple different frontside tricks.

PHASE 5: What do you like about the Key? What other boards in the line up do you ride?
Mo:I love the design, shape, and how easy it is to do tricks on. Hands down the easiest skimboard to spin and shuv! I also love the bright and easy to see traction pads. Other boards in the line up that I really enjoy are the Ahi and Phantom!

PHASE 5: We’re stoked to have you representing Phase 5! Is there anyone you’d like to thank or anything else you’d like to say?
Mo:So stoked to be a part of the team! Big shout out and thank you to Phase 5 for the endless support and hospitality, and some of my other sponsors - WakeOutfitters, MasterCraft, Union Marine & GlassyWake - for fueling my wake surf career. Also, my wife Michelle for always being down to captain the ship!

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