Side Sessions with Dagen Duczek

Words: Loree Duczek

One of the amazing things about the wake surf community is the way it brings the riders together. Well beyond the camaraderie of riding and competing, friendships are forged at these events. The Phase 5 family stretches across the ocean, and it is always great to be able to reunite with riders from across the pond.

At the 2019 World Wakesurf Championship, Phase 5 Am A Junior rider Dagen Duczek was able to catch up with fellow Team Rider Markus Lahmer of Austria. The two met on the shores of Lake Koocanusa several years ago in British Columbia Canada and always look forward to seeing each other. Markus loved Dagen’s sweet custom Matrix—seen in the above photo.

Throughout the week, Dagen also got to ride with several of his other Phase 5 team riders—who are all mentors and inspirations: Whitley Stewart, Sean Silveira (photo) and Caroline Villeneuve. Beyond the results of any competition, it’s being able to meet and get to know these incredible people that we will remember. Dagen is so stoked to be part of this family!


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