The 2023 Hypsta

The Hypsta is a fresh take on your not-so-average skim style board. A bit shorter and wider than our other models, this new shape makes staying in the sweet spot of the wave an absolute dream. It’s shorter length also means it can spin with ease when it comes to shuv tricks. It can also be ridden in four different fin variations depending on the skill of the rider. Three fins to really keep you locked in and stable, two fins for stability that can be released from the wave easily, one fin in the center for even less traction, and completely finless for those technical riders looking for a challenge! It really is a Swiss Army knife of a board

Built with our Carbon Innegra Vertical weave material for the most durable board possible, the Hypsta will stay true season after season. Riders like our Markus Lahmer loves the Hypsta because of its smooth ride and its ability to go from a real crowd pleaser board to a super tech deck just by messing with the fin set up. It’s a great board to introduce riders to skim style on just for that reason. Pick one up HERE!



  • Phase Five

    Hi Charles,

    Your son would be better on the 54" Hypsta. But your daughter would be better off on the 50". Thats a tough one. Your son could probably ride the 50 Hypsta, but it will depend on the size of your wave. He is also very tall so this is a hard one to find one board that will suit both.

  • Charles

    My son who is 6’1" and 185 lbs. and my daughter who is 5’10" and 140 lbs will be the main riders. Is there a significant difference in performance going with the 54" to be a little more versital since my son is getting somewhat close to 200 lbs.

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