Welcome to the Team: Zoe Zylstra

Phase 5 is excited to welcome Zoe Zylstra to the team. Zoe is originally from 

Prior Lake, Minnesota but is currently spending her days in the Caribbean sun teaching wakesurfing lessons with Wake To Wake in the Turks and Caicos. We sat down with Zoe to get some more info about what fuels her wakesurfing.

P5:  What Board are you riding? Why do you like it?

ZZ:  Phase 5 Phantom by Parker Payne. I love this board because of its speed and agility on the wave. I can be aggressive with its performance in order to maxmize versatility with my tricks. Air tricks on this board are simply done with the parallel shape to it. I skate alot in my free time on land and this is very similar in performance.

P5:  Why Wakesurfing:

ZZ:  Wakesurfing has become my zen in life, my place of relaxation and motivation. With wakesurfing your able to always learn something new and as the sport continues to grow, so will your knowledge and skills on the water. Wakesurfing is something that can be competitive as well as a way to bring friends and family together no matter what age you may be. It is something that I look forward to doing all day.

P5:  Favorite Athlete:

ZZ:  Someone I've looked up to and learned from, my father Ken Zylstra. He taught me being active in something you are passionate about is a way of life.

P5:  If your not Wakesurfing:

ZZ:  I like to get together with friends on the water. I also like to spend time doing my best to grow the sport throughout the Caribbean. Most of the time, I am laying out on the beach, playing beach volleyball or spending karaoke nights with the girls.

P5: How do you stay healthy?

ZZ:  Eating clean, whole, and organic foods. Morning runs before sets, swimming in the Caribbean waters, and keeping a positive attitude throughout the day. Staying happy is the key to my health.

P5:  What do you do in your off-season?

ZZ: Dryland training at Life Time Fitness, balance training, skateboarding, dirt biking and surrounding myself with those who motivate me to continue growing.

P5:  Tips to a rider who just bought their first Phase 5?

ZZ:  Stay committed to pursuing your dreams with the support of Phase 5 boards to last you your riding career. Always know there are so many riders out there willing to instruct you on which board setup is perfect for your own. Ride with confidence and always keep a stoked smile on your face.

You can keep up with Zoe and her adventures here


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