Phase 5 has a wide range of fins available for your boards. We often get asked about the differences between them and how each one of them feel on the board. Below we have broken down each fin shape and size and how they work. 

Phase 5 - 2" Skim Fin 

This finprovides the adequate stability for your board but can still break free on spins and slides. Makes the board easier to handle for novice riders or added grip for larger guys.A larger skim style screw-through fin thatworks as a great replacement or upgrade for your board.


Phase 5 - 1" Skim Fin

The 1" Skim Fin is the standard fin offered on many Phase 5 boards. This wakesurf fin is a great fin choice if you are looking for a loose ride that still will have some stability. If you are currently running either one or multiple 2-inch fins this is a great choice if you are looking to have a fin that will break free easier on spins or shuv maneuvers.


Phase 5 - 1" Fakie Fin

The Fakie Skim Fin is the ultimate minimalist and comes standard as side fins on a number of boards. If you are riding a multi-fin board the Fakie fins make excellent outer fins, giving you just a bit of extra bite for locking in the landing on 360s while not getting in the way of your spins


Phase 5 - Wave Skim Fin

The unique shape of the wave fin allows for a flowing predictable feel when turning and carving on your board. The cutaway trailing edge of the fin allows it to break free when wanting to spin, but the larger the size of teh fin the more stability it has when riding down the line.  This fin is great as a single fin or paired up with a center fin on a three fin set up.

3 sizes available:

1.2 - This fin is in the loose category 

1.5" - This size is a great middle of the road for  arider who wants a loose feel but still needs some stability help

1.8" - This size keeps your board really locked into the wave but still spins easier than a bigger 2" fin.


Phase 5 - Ear Skim Fin

This fin is for the rider who needs the stability of large fin, but wants to spin 360's with less effort also. It is also a great fin for the power surfer who wants carve and ride very aggressive. The shorter base length of this fin allows makes for effortless spins while the fuller body and depth of the fin keep it biting for stability and speed. 

3 sizes available:

1.3" - not a loose as smaller fin but still gives you a fun free feel.

1.7" - Strong bite for an aggressive feel, but still breaks free easier than a 2" fin

2.1 - 100% locked in feel with the largest Ear Fin. Has a fun, fast and flowing feel

Phase 5 - Talon Skim Fin

The Talon fin is for the rider who wants a loose and free ride. The smaller of the two sizes gives you the feel of almost not having a fin but provides just enough bite to help with down the line speed. This fin shape allows it to break free with minimal effort and is perfect for anyone wanting to do shuv its and spin their way down the lake.

2 sizes available:

.8" - Extremely free and loose feel. 

1.2" - Free and loose feel but still bites for down the line speed and stability

Phase 5 - Wing Skim Fin

Like the Talon fin, the Wing fin is an extremely loose fin. This is low profile and the shorter length of this fin will leave you board feeling very lively and loose under your feet. Great for experienced rider who want that finals feeling with just a little grip.

3 sizes available:

.8" - Feels like no fin at all.

1.2" - Much looser than the fins the same depth. Just a little bit of bite

1.5" - Loose but with enough bite for the aggressive rider that wants really carve also.


PHASE 5 - DTS 2.2

The DTS is a great way to change up the feel of your surfboard. The ultra stiff carbon fiber material and shape of the DTS make the surfboard break looseand behave more like a skimboard, while having the hold for speed and carving. Feels like a traditional surf fin but breaks free much easier. 

Phase 5 - DT Quad trailer fins

 The Dt is a fin designed to be trailer fin on a board like the Fireball, or to be paired up as a set of thrusters to free up a board but still give you some side bite.  They allow a surf style board to ride more freely and loosen the board up.

2 Sizes Available: 1" and 1.5" 

3 Responses



May 29, 2024

What about front to back position of the fin? For example the phase 5 key has 5 screw holes in the fin and can be positioned in different places front/back. What effect does that have?

Phase Five

Phase Five

July 18, 2022

Hi Ross,

The standard FCS set screws work with these fins. They are currently sold out, but should be back in stock soon.

Thanks for riding P5!

Phase Five



July 18, 2022

Just ordered & received the DTS 2.2” twin surf fins. But no set screws. What size do I need to get?

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