Whitley Stewart & Sean Silveria take the win at Nautique Nationals

What a weekend the P5 Team had at @thewwa Nationals! There are plenty story lines from the day but we are stoked for @whitley.stewart and @seansilveira who were crowned National Champions. @ashley_inloes and @jettshreds had very strong showings in the Professional divisions as well. We are very proud of the performance from the entire P5 team this weekend🤙 #phase5wakesurfers #ridep5 #wakesurf #wakesurfing


Markus & Whitley

P5 Team & Flow

P5 Team

1st Place Evie Shropshire

2nd Place Whit Shropshire 

3rd Place Donny Searle

1st Place Sean Silveria

3rd Place Jett Lambert 

3rd Place Florian Dungl on his new P5 adaptive prototype!

1st Place Whitley Stewart

2nd Place Ashley Inloes

1st Place Frankie Schifano

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