Sean Silveira

Sean Silveira, the old guy on the team….kidding Sean—we all know you rip harder than everyone and will out train all the young guns. We love Sean and are glad he choose to join the P5 team in 2018.

He is a machine behind the boat, there is not many that can do what Sean can pull off. Switch riding, BS riding, all the tech—good luck catching him! We have a hunch on why he is so damn good behind the boat and that stems from his flow boarding background in which he is an absolute legend of the sport and World Champion. We worked with Sean to develop his very own Pro Model, The Key. It has been a major hit in the P5 Lineup! In the offseason, you can either find him training or coaching the next generation of rippers and hitting the golf course on a daily basis.

FOR LESSONS, CONTACT: (FL & will travel)

Hometown: Orlando, Florida


2021 World Wakesurf Championships


Rider Profile: Sean Silveira Overall PWT Champ


Sean Silveira Lands First Wakesurfing Rail Slide

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