2022 P5 Rider of the Year Awards

We are stoked to introduce theBob Smetts “Rider of theYear Award”for Phase 5  Team Riders in 2022 and beyond!

P5 Rider of the Year is voted on by all the P5 Team under the following criteria:

  • Performance over the course of a single season, April- August. - CWSA and WWA events- live and online.
  • Sportsmanship- How you carry yourself at competitions, win or lose? What kind of a teammate areyou with other P5 riders...supportive, encouraging?
  • Promotion- How well do you represent and promote the P5 brand through teaching, coaching and social media presence (posts, pictures, etc...)


The Rider of the Year award was presented at our P5 Photo shoot in August. It was tight race between a select few riders but Jett Lambert was the recipient of the 1st Annual "P5 Rider of the Year Award". He certainly deserves the award!

The P5 team voted on the International Rider of the Year and Rookie of the Year awards as well. 

The International Rider of the Year award was presented to Markus Lahmer from Austria. He does so much for the P5 Brand in Europe and we couldn't see a better fit!

The Rookie of the Year award was presented to Whit Shropshire. This was a tightly contested award and Whit has certainly proven himself on the P5 Team!

The P5 Team means a great deal to the brand and we are stoked to be able to support these world class athletes! 




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