BOARD BATTLES 2: Jett vs. Parker

Last week we saw a very unconventional “Board Battle” as John Akerman took down Drew Danielo on the 40” Shrimp. For a board that was made for groms, it sure had some potential for crazy tech moves as John and Drew threw down on it.

For this week’s battle, we have one of our youngest team riders, Jett Lambert, and one of our more seasoned riders, Parker Payne. Both of these guys are capable of taking the win and the last time they faced each other, the grom Jett was able to come away with the victory! Will the ending be the same for this battle? With the 52" Key LTD being the chosen board, the playing field is fairly level for either rider to take the win. Check out the full video now to see who comes out on top!

Stay tuned for episode 3 next week!

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