Phase 5 Nova V2 Foil Highlight

Our Nova V2 foil package has gotten some major upgrades from the original Nova foil. Now even easier to put together, the Nova V2 was designed for ultimate ease of use and to get newbies up and foiling with little to no issue. The wings are made of carbon fiber to bring down the weight while upping the durability so you can cruise with confidence. The mast is made from light and strong 7075 aircraft-grade aluminum as well as the fuselage. The 866 front wing provides plenty of manageable lift while also being nice and stable so you can build your confidence with ease. It’s also a little flatter than in the past which is going to provide you with more speed and make it easier to pump behind the boat. Couple it with our 400 rear wing, which is the perfect rear stabilizer for the 866 front wing, and you’ll be pumping around behind the boat before you know it! Check out the full collection here!

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