Phase Five Wakesurfing Team Spotlight: Lara Latham

Name: Lara Latham

Hometown: Richmond, VA

Years Wakesurfing: 5 years

Go to Board: Phase 5 Leeo

Boat Setup: 2013 Malibu 23LSV

How did you get started wakesurfing: I went into a board shop at Smith Mountain Lake to look at wakeboards and saw a surf board and decided to try it out!

Where do you ride at: Lake Anna in Virginia

Who is your crew: My husband and my in-laws, but the crew is always changing depending on what boat we are lucky enough to ride!

What is your favorite trick: Switch frontside big spin and shifty air

What tricks are you working on: 360 shuv, regular big spin, sangria, half n half, front shuv

Shout Outs: My amazing husband who has always been encouraging me in everything I do, and is the loudest cheerleader I have (as most people have heard)! I'm so grateful for such a supportive family all around! Also a shout out to Phase 5 and Agenda Surf who are the best people with the best products out there!

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Cindy Latham

Cindy Latham

June 11, 2018

Shout out to a great surfer! Your hard work and determination is amazing. Cheers to another great season!!

Nora midkiff

Nora midkiff

June 11, 2018

Love this it is great! Congratulations

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