Rider Profile: Camille Goodwin

Camille joined the Phase 5 team this past season. She is a contender in the women's pro division at every event. Camille always has a smile and a big SEND IT attitude with everything in life. She just made the move from snowy Colorado to the Sunshine State. 

P5: Camille, How is life treating you?

CG: Life has been absolutely amazing, I’ve made the decision to move to Orlando with my best friend and I’m so excited to be in Florida with all my surf buddies.

P5: So with the move, What does a day in the life of you look like right now?

CG: I just moved to Florida with my best friend and my dog, Beya. So I wake up and go to the dog park, after that I text some people and see if I can go shred. 

P5: How long have you been riding for Phase 5? What does it mean to you to ride for P5?

CG: I’ve only been riding with P5 for a couple months now and I really think we are creating a wakesurf super team. P5 means progression. We are a team made up of the best wakesurfers in the world and I think that speaks for itself.

P5: What are the big plans for the winter?

CG: This will be my first winter being able to ride, so of course I’ll be out on a boat in Florida but I’m also pretty stoked to make some snowboarding trips back home!

P5: What are your thoughts on competition riding vs free riding?  What are you contest plans for 2021?

CG: I love free riding but I think it’s all about mind set, even when I’m free riding I’m still thinking about new tricks I can land and runs that could take a comp. But I’m just going to see what happens this comp season, I really prefer doing in person comps vs online competitions. So if there are any, you’ll see me there!

P5: What or who influences your riding and style?

CG: I was super influenced by Bri Chmel, I used to sit in my room for hours and watch her YouTube videos when I first started wakesurfing. But now I really look up to the guys, like Sean Silveira and John Akerman.

P5: Favorite professional Athlete?

CG: My favorite professional athlete would probably be Ken Block, I’m not even sure if he’s really considered an athlete but what he does is awesome.

P5: If you are not wakesurfing, what are you doing?

CG: If I’m not on the water I’m usually hanging out with my dog, Beya. We go on hikes, camping, long boarding, riding dirt bikes, one time I even put her in my kayak. But yeah I love being outside and being in the mountains. Now that I live in Florida we’ve been going to the beach quite a bit!

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Shelbi Hajek

Shelbi Hajek

March 29, 2021

Camille is hands down one of the most fun and spontaneous people I know, she’s always down to talk with people and give them a tip or two about surfing. We are good friends and also used to work together so whenever I knew she was working it was always a good day and a fun time at work.

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