Rider Spotlight: Lindsay Hovsepian

Coming to us from Melrose, FL, Lindsay Hovsepian is one of our newest riders for the 2024 season. Always hyped to ride, Lindsay not only brings a smooth style to the team but a great attitude as well. Having been competing for 5 years now, she’s eyeing up the 2024 season to really throw down! Catch up with Lindsay below and make sure to follow her for more wakesurf content HERE!

PHASE 5: Hi Lindsay, congrats on joining team Phase 5! How do you feel about it?
Lindsay: Hey! Thank you so much! I am beyond excited to be a part of the Phase 5 team! This has been a major goal of mine since I started competing. The watersports community is full of such cool and down to earth people. It feels really awesome to get to be a part of a team with so many other people that share the same passions and goals as me.

PHASE 5: So, first question and possibly the most important…what is your board of choice and why?
Lindsay: My board of choice is the 46” MVP and I love it! There are so many unique features this board has that makes it my top choice. The feature that made me want to try the MVP was the full length traction pad. I love that when I'm throwing shuv-its, there's grip wherever my feet land. Some other features I love about the MVP are the kick tail on the nose for revert riding, and the grab rail which makes it so comfortable to add style to your tricks. Also, I ride finless, so the moon shaped tail is a game changer. The MVP is awesome, I could ramble about it all day.

PHASE 5: How long have you been wakesurfing and how did you get your start?
Lindsay: I have been wakesurfing since I was 4 years old, but I competed in my first competition in 2019. What's funny is I didn't want to do it at first. My dad signed me up without telling me, but I am so glad he did because I was hooked immediately. The people, the environment, and the feeling I got from competing felt right, if that makes sense. That is when I decided that I wanted to pursue surfing professionally.

PHASE 5: Do you do any other board sports? What about other hobbies?
Lindsay: I love all watersports. Going out on the water has been a huge part of my life for as long as I can remember. I used to wakeboard a lot, but now all I want to do is wakesurf when I'm on the water. Apart from watersports, some other hobbies I enjoy are riding dirtbikes and going snowboarding with my family once a year.

PHASE 5: Where do you live and who’s your usual riding crew?
Lindsay: I live in Melrose, Florida on a small private lake called Lake Lily. My typical boat crew is just me and my girlfriend Cassidy. We’ll go out and pull each other for hours, pushing each other to get better. When she's busy my dad will drive for me, and sometimes my whole family joins us.

PHASE 5: What are some of your favorite tricks to do? What are you working on this upcoming season?
Lindsay: A few of my favorite tricks would definitely be a 360-shuv it and an alley oop 360. There are a few tricks I am working on which are a 540-shuv and a switch-front bigspin but the one trick I really want to have dialed in and competition ready this season is the backside bigspin.

PHASE 5: What have you been up to over the offseason?
Lindsay: I have tried to spend the offseason on the water as much as I can. I am a full time college student so my schedule is pretty packed with a combination of school, work, and training on and off the water.

PHASE 5: What’s your favorite memory of being on the water?
Lindsay: Like I said before, watersports have been a part of my life from a very young age so choosing a favorite memory from all the great ones I have had is a little hard. Though if I had to pick just one, it might be the day I landed my first bigspin. I had been working so hard for it and when I finally got it, I felt like I had stepped up my skill level and was moving closer to where I want to be.

PHASE 5: How do you get yourself hyped up to ride? Any routines you follow?
Lindsay: Tunes for sure. Before riding I have to put on my playlist. Typically before a session I like to hop on my ShuvIt Board and warm up before even getting in the boat. When I hop in the boat, I like to listen to my music and get in the right mindset to ride.

PHASE 5: We’re stoked to have you with us, Lindsay! Is there anyone you’d like to thank or anything else you’d like to say?
Lindsay: Thank you so much! I would like to thank everyone in the Phase 5 family for the opportunity to be a part of such an awesome team. I would also like to thank my parents for supporting me throughout the years with training and competitions and my girlfriend Cassidy for spending countless hours on the water driving the boat for me.

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