Shop Spotlight: Minnesota Inboard

We’ve worked with Minnesota Inboard for years now and for good reason…they LOVE wakesurfing and being out on the water! But really, who doesn’t?! We all know that riders in Minnesota are passionate about water sports because they only have a small window for them each year. Our team riders Stacia Bank, son Afton, and the rest of the family can definitely attest to that! With that being said, Minnesota Inboard is a great shop with passionate employees who love to be on the water and love to get new people out even more. We caught up with Haley, the retail director of MN Inboard, to tell us a little more about Minnesota Inboard and what they’re all about! If you live in their area (Excelsior/Baxter) then make sure to check them out HERE!

PHASE 5: Hi Haley, thanks for taking the time to chat with us! How long has Minnesota Inboard been around? Where is it located?
Haley: Thank you for this opportunity! Minnesota Inboard has been around since 1992, family owned and operated for 32 years, specializing in Malibu and Axis Wake Boats. We have retail locations in Excelsior and Baxter and are stoked to announce the opening of a third location in Detroit Lakes this summer 2024!

PHASE 5: How long have you been carrying Phase 5 in the shop?
Haley:We’ve carried Phase 5 for over 15 years! We truly enjoy working with you guys!

PHASE 5: What are some of the employee’s favorite Phase 5 shapes? Are they more surf or skim style riders?
Haley:We have a fun mix of both surf and skim style riders. Some of our favorites include the Swell, created by local legend Stacia Bank! The skim style that’s a favorite around our shop continues to be the Matrix, we love the classic skim style shape that offers riders endless progression. Another favorite has to be the 360 king, the Diamond Turbo. The shape and 3 fin setup can help any rider go from a beginner to landing their first 360 in no time.

PHASE 5: How big is the wakesurfing scene in your area?
Haley: One of the largest! With Minnesota being the land of 10,000 lakes, it’s one of the best ways to spend a summer day with friends and family.

PHASE 5: How many locations does Minnesota Inboard have?
Haley: Minnesota Inboard has retail locations in Excelsior and Baxter; service locations in New Germany and Brainerd. Detroit Lakes will be opening Summer 2024!

PHASE 5: Does the shop ever do demos or anything like that to get new people on the water?
Haley: Absolutely! We love getting new families out on the water and exposing them to the lake life. There are a few different ways we do this – we host two annual events in the spring and fall, where we bring new boat models to the water for customers to see and test drive. This summer, we offered weekly surf tours to new and existing customers to try out new gear and also see the latest features on the boats.

PHASE 5: What time of the year does the season start winding down up there?
Haley: Typically, after kids go back to school, mid-August to Labor Day Weekend. and fall sports season ramps up. However, September is one of the best months for water sports here in MN! Lake traffic is down, and nothing is better than the reflection of the colorful leaves.

PHASE 5: Are there any hardcore crews that continue to ride until it’s just too chilly?
Haley: We have a lot of customers that surf outside of our typical “summer”. I’d like to highlight one family that we work closely with, Chris and Stacia Bank. You can find these guys on the lake as long as the weather allows it!

PHASE 5: Thanks for taking the time to chat with us! Is there anything else you’d like to mention about Minnesota Inboard?
Haley:We are lucky to have a staff full of water sports enthusiasts. Being a dealership that only carries Malibu and Axis, we are very specialized in all things watersports. Most of our employees were customers first and bring a ton of passion into helping families get set up with the right gear!

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