The 2023 Aku v2

The surf style board that started it all, the Aku v2 is a step above the original version. It’s still one of our fastest boards on the water and boosts off the wave like it’s nothing. What’s special about the v2 is that it’s been glassed with our FLEXtec™ V2 Lamination construction so it’s not only lightweight but it’s as solid as they come. This board will keep its poppy nature for many, many sets to come so you spend less time worrying about your board and more time surfing on it. What could be better than that, right? Not only that, but we’ve added our V.R.T.™ Technology and Flexspine™ Carbon Stringer for even more durability and strength throughout the board. So when we say this thing has POP, we mean it!

Set up as a twin fin style board, the FCS Fusion fin boxes make it simple to swap out your fins so you can dial in the feel of your ride. A little too loose? Throw on some bigger fins. A little too locked in? Swap out those big fins for something a little smaller. It really doesn’t get much easier than that!

Want to take an even deeper dive into the world of fins? Check out FIN-OLOGY here!


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