The 2024 Mindset by Ashley Inloes

The 2024 Mindset by team rider Ashley Inloes has landed and is already being shredded all over the globe! Ashley is a rider who surfs to the beat of her own drum and it shows in the design of the Mindset. With a brand new shape and a narrower outline that was made with smaller riders in mind so they can get the most control while on the water, the Mindset is ready to take your riding to the next level. We chatted with Ashley a bit to see where her ideas came from for the Mindset and how it all came to be. Check it out below and pick one up HERE!

Phase 5: We’re really excited about the release of your first pro model: The Mindset. How stoked are you?!
Ashley: Beyond stoked! It doesn’t even feel real! I worked so hard on it in secret for so long! It’s crazy to have other people start loving it as much as I do.

Phase 5: So how did the idea for the Mindset come about?
Ashley: I was watching one of my guy friends surf and his feet looked HUGE on the board (they are a size 13). I thought to myself, “wow, that must give him a lot more toe and heel side edge control, right?” So when Phase 5 started talking to me about board shapes, I knew I wanted a board that had a narrower body to give me the same amount of edge control the boys had!

Phase 5: Was the shape based off of any of the other boards or did you build it from the ground up?
Ashley: The actual shape of it was built off of the first skim design Phase 5 ever made. It’s actually the same design the Matrix was made from. I just used that board as my baseline, and customized it to fit the needs of a smaller rider!

Phase 5: What are a few of the main things you wanted to accomplish while designing the Mindset?
Ashley:  I wanted to create a board that was actually designed for girls or even kids, not just another guy shape with girly graphics. I wanted a board shape that had a smaller rider’s interest in every detail of the board, and I do think that with the help of Phase 5, we created just that!

Phase 5: What’s some of the feedback you’ve heard from riders who have gotten out on it?
Ashley: Oh my gosh, the feedback has been better than I could have ever imagined! I’ve had a countless amount of people message me expressing how thankful they are to have a board that was truly designed for them! It’s one of those boards that I can tell you why it’s so good, but you really just need to ride it for yourself! I can tell you that it’s a great board, but the real proof is how fast you’ll fall in love with it once it’s under your feet!

Phase 5: We’re glad you’re hyped, Ashley! What else would you like to say about the Mindset?!
Ashley: I truly designed this board with girls, kids, and smaller riders in mind, but what I didn’t expect is how many of the boys would love the design as well! Most already had a good amount of control, but they love having even more! So not just girls can reap the benefits!


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  • Alexa Ibarra

    Absolutely obsessed with this board. Not only did it arrive in a timely fashion but it rides like a true charm. As someone who is now a bit more of an experienced rider, I knew I had leveled from my old board but was looking for something lightweight that would allow me to do the tricks I personally want to achieve. The very FIRST ride I took my instructors told me this board seemed like I had been riding it for a while. Its comfort and ease was perfect. The one long fin really allows a great glide and absolutely helps with turns and 360s, I landed my first one today totally by accident. I can already tell this board is going to level me up and challenge me as well. I absolutely love the feel, make and the way it rides. I feel in control entirely and think for ANY rider, who loves a skim style, this is totally your board! Obsessed is an understatement

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