Ashley Inloes joins Phase Five Wakesurfing Team

We are excited to welcome professional female rider Ashley Inloes to the Phase 5 team! We caught up with Ashley to see how things are going and here what she had to say:

Home Lake: The Butler Chain in Orlando, Florida

Current Sponsors: Phase 5 and Tommy’s Boats

What Board are you riding? The Phase 5 Key !!

Why Wakesurfing? Wakesurfing is a very social sport. I love that I can interact with my friends and family in the boat and focus on my run at the same time. Plus it’s soo much fun!

Most Prized Possession: I think my most prized possession would be a necklace that was passed down from my Grandma. It was given to her by my Grandfather when she was 16!!

Favorite Athlete: My favorite athlete growing up was Bethany Hamilton. She never let anything stop her from achieving her goals and I love that.

If you’re not Wakesurfing: If I’m not wakesurfing I’m most likely doing homework, working out, or hanging out with my friends.

Favorite Music: There’s nothing better than country while you’re cruising down the lake!!

Any other Careers? Does babysitting count?? haha

How do you stay healthy? I drink a green juice every morning and I LOVE fruit!! A fruit bowl is wayyy better than any junk food I’ve tasted

Favorite Workout? I think a mix of cardio and strength training if the perfect fit. Cardio for endurance and weights for strength training :)

What do you do in your off season? I’m very lucky to live in Florida where the off season isn’t very long, but I do like to take advantage of the extra time to focus on more strength training and eating healthy.

Tips to a rider who just bought their first Phase 5? Never get discouraged from falling. Learn from it. Every time you fall you’re one fall closer to landing that trick!!

If you want to follow Ashley and her awesome riding she can be found on Instagram.

Instagram Profile: @ashley_inloes


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