Welcome to the Team: Whit Shropshire

Phase 5 is excited to welcome up and coming rider Whit Shropshire to the team. Whit lives in Georgia and you will find him tearing up the waters of Lake Allatoona. Lets dive in and learn more about Whit!

Current Sponsors: Phase 5 Boards

Board of Choice: Key 50

Favorite Athlete: Tim Tebow

If you are not wakesurfing: I am playing Lacrosse or on my trampoline with e skate deck.

Music Choice? Anything from Juice Wrld

How do you stay healthy? I play a lot of lacrosse and I am always active. 

What do you do in your off season? Hit the trampoline with deck. I have seen a lot of improvement through that.

Tips to any rider who just bought their first Phase 5: Have Fun!! Push Your limits and always try to teach others.

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