Welcome to the Team: Jett Lambert (Jett Shreds)

We are excited to announce another great addition to our up and coming team of riders. Jett Lambert. If you are not familiar with Jett, roll over to IG and search JettShreds. I will warn you, your mind will soon be blown. Jett is just talented period. Wake surfboard, Skateboard, Snowboard, Fishing, Hunting it doesn't matter. Jett is good at it!

Age: 11
Where are you from: Port St Lucie, FL
Home Lake: Lake Minneola
Current Sponsors: Phase 5 Wakesurfers, X Insurance, Wake Surf Orlando

Why Wakesurfing: It’s such a fun, free sport. I surf w/ some of the best and have met so many rad people in such a short amount of time and it’s just the beginning.

Most Prized Possession:My family...my boat, my board and my phone for clips!

Favorite Athlete:The G.O.A.T, Sean Silviera (my bestie)

If you’re not Wakesurfing:You can find me at the skatepark, or trying to hook a fish somewhere.

Any other Careers? Wow, I like to think I will always be in the sport world. (fingers crossed)

How do you stay healthy? Plenty of sleep, positivity, and staying active.

What do you do in your off season?Well...living in Florida I don’t really have an off season. I get to ride all year, either on the water or at a park! But I do love to travel, so I fit that in any chance I get.

Tips to a rider who just bought there first Phase 5?First off, they should know they have the best board ever! Have fun, be patient, and surround yourself with people who love the sport as much as you. The surf world is a super fun place to be.

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Faith Frank

Faith Frank

February 17, 2023

Wow jett look how far you have come from that kid skating in front of the house. So proud of you . You got this.

Meghan Waters

Meghan Waters

November 30, 2021

Great job, Jett!

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