Join The #BiscuitArmy

There’s a common misconception with “soft top” boards in that they are thought of as “beginner” boards that you outgrow once you start getting a little skill on a board. We here at Phase 5 don’t like that and are here to prove that soft tops are made for fun and can still rip as well! That’s why we’ve created the #BiscuitArmy. The idea is to get as creative and weird as possible on the Biscuit! So when you’re out ripping your normal board and feel like taking things outside of the box, break out the Biscuit, film some clips, and post them with the hashtag #BiscuitArmy to show how truly fun a soft top board can be!

The Biscuit was designed and made with the sole purpose of having as much fun as possible on the water. Its wide, simple design keeps you in the wave super well so you spend less time finding the sweet spot and more time getting creative. And since it’s a soft top, you don’t have to worry about catching any hard rails on it when you fall. You can ride it as a thruster fin set up with its twin FCS fin boxes or pull them out to give it more of a skim style feel. Whatever you want to do, the Biscuit is game for it. So get out there, have some fun, get creative, and show us your photos/clips!



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