The 2023 Diamond Luv

The sister board to Drew Danielo’s Diamond CL shape, the Diamond Luv is made for the ladies who are looking to push themselves to new heights! This high-end skim style board is the same shape as the Diamond CL scaled down to a 48” and 51” size. The board gets its named from the diamond shaped tail that helps it maintain speed and generates tons of pop for airs and shuv-it tricks. We also pulled in the nose a bit to keep the board from nose-diving during your session. This shape overall is very forgiving and a great platform to learn those more technical maneuvers. Not to mention, it will turn some heads with its bright and fun graphic. 

Constructed with our Carbon Innegra Vertical weave material and VRT™ Technology for optimal performance, the Diamond Luv can keep up with anything you throw at it. We don’t call it a “trick surgeon” for nothing! It’s definitely a favorite board on the skim style side for the ladies on our team. Just ask Whitley Stewart. She loves linking up her tech tricks in lines and needs a solid board that can handle that and more. See what she had to say about the Diamond Luv below and then check it out for yourself HERE!

Phase 5: What are some of your favorite features of the Diamond Luv?
Whitley: The Diamond luv is such a fun board to ride! I love the shape of the tail. The way that Phase Five has shaped the tail helps to boost airs and get some awesome pop on shuv grabs…one of my favorite tricks!

Phase 5: How does the shape of the Diamond Luv help you when linking your tricks together?
Whitley: The Diamond Luv’s shape helps me generate speed into tricks so it helps when I am wanting to link tricks together. When doing combos, you want a board that will not lose speed throughout all the tricks so you not only stay in the wave but stay in the sweet spot of the wave!

Phase 5: What kind of rider would you recommend this board to?
Whitley: I think that this board is great for any person who is ready to learn some tricks. Whether it’s a 360 or a 5 big, this board can keep you pushing your limits and take your riding to the next level!

Phase 5: What are some of your favorite tricks to put down on the Diamond Luv? Have you landed anything new recently on it?
Whitley: I love doing any sort of big and popped tricks on this board. Big spin grabs and shuv grabs are two of my favorites. I also love doing some harder tricks like 5 bigs and Hail Marys on this board.

Phase 5: You ride the Key a lot as well, right? How does this board compare?
Whitley: Yes! I love the Key. The two boards are definitely different but each have their own unique way of riding. The Key has both the nose and tail chopped off so riding revert on the key is much different than riding revert on the diamond luv. They both give great pop and are quick responding boards. The Diamond Luv is a little heavier than the Key which can help depending on the kind of tricks you’re doing. Overall, you can’t go wrong!


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